Born and raised in the Caribbean, Sébastien Martinon garners much of his inspiration from his home, the small island of St. Barts, (Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies). Having always been fascinated by videography and new ways of communication, Sébastien studied graphic design and web programming, earning his Masters in IT in 2000. In 2001 he founded his graphic design and web business,

After two decades of delivering creative solutions for local and international clients, Sébastien is now focused on his true passion: fine art photography. The island of Saint-Barthélemy has become both his playground and his muse — and the place where he is able to fully evolve his talent.
As a multi-faceted creative who is always in constant search of new techniques, Sébastien founded Spirit of St Barth in 2013, a successful magazine that integrates his photographic vision and highlights stories and articles dedicated to his home.

Sébastien’s photography includes landscapes, nightscapes, seascapes, nude photography and experimental pieces. His work is known for its ability to evoke feeling, skillfully blur the lines between traditional and modern, and push artistic boundaries in fresh, unique ways.